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Homeopathic Medicine

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"Fight Like With Like" - Samuel Hahnemann

Homeopathy is a system of medicine more than two hundred years old with more than one hundred homeopathic medical colleges worldwide. Often mistakenly equated to naturopathic medicine by orthodox medicine and lay persons alike, homeopathy is a single therapy within the larger scope of naturopathic medicine.

This gentle yet effective system of medicine is more than 200 years old and is based on the principle that “like cures like”. Homeopathic medicines are very small doses of natural substances (from plants, animals, minerals, etc.) that can stimulate the body’s self-healing response without side effects. Homeopathy is used for acute conditions, such as colds and flu;  constitutionally, for more chronic problems; and also for detoxification and drainage to help in the course of treatment.  In addition to the homeopathy education provided throughout medical school, Dr. Cruz has been training under Dr. Paul Herscu and Dr. Amy Rothenberg at the New England School of Homeopathy (NESH).  She is expected to complete her post doctoral in Homeopathic Medicine in 2021.

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