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Visit Types


Visit Types:

*Meet the Doctor - 15 min free consultation Dr. Cruz  is experienced in addressing a wide variety of conditions. She understands there might be questions, so she offers a free 10-15 minute phone/telemedicine consultation for you to learn more about her practice, natural therapies and whether this approach is right for you.  No recommendations will be made.

During this call you may:

  1. Understand what it is like to work with a Naturopathic Doctor

  2. Gain clarity regarding your health goals and future.  This is important to ensure you feel ready to begin your healing journey

  3. Schedule your first appointment, making the first step to healing YOU!

*Initial/New Patient Visits (Naturopathic and Acupuncture) are up to 90 minutes and consist of a comprehensive systems evaluation, health history, examination, order labs, patient history, nutritional/herbal evaluation, report of findings, and treatment plan recommendations.  Visit is billed based on length of consultation and the complexity of the case.  


*Return/Second Follow-up Visits (Naturopathic and Acupuncture) Depending on your particular health care needs, these visits may include lab results review, diet/lifestyle counseling, a combination of acupuncture, herbal/diet therapy, Estim (Electroacupuncture, Gua Sha, TuiNa, cupping, etc. The cost of supplements and herbal remedies is not included in the follow-up visit fee. Follow up visits are billed based on length and complexity (Complex, Detailed, Simple) and can be up to 60 minutes.  


*Perinatal/Postpartum Mental Health 

Health evaluation prior to, during pregnancy and post pregnancy to help support your mental and physical health.  Includes a comprehensive body and mind intake, anxiety and depression assessment, standard lab evaluation and individualized plan.  Treatments include nutrition, exercise plans, supplement and herbal treatments, acupuncture to address imbalances and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) counseling. 

*Telemedicine and Phone Consults can be 20-60 minutes and are billed  at the same rate as in person, based on length and complexity (Complex, Detailed, Simple).  This is a HIPAA protected video platform, where Dr. Cruz will review your health history, current medications and supplements, lifestyle, diet, nutritional deficiencies. Working with you to create a plan to help you reach your health goals. 


*Lymphatic Therapy (Head, Face, Neck and Chest)  60 minutes combination of Gua Sha, Cupping and TuiNa focused on the specific condition (Edema, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Headache, Sinus, Skin disorders, Post-Surgery).  Lymphatic Therapy is indicated as an adjunct to help certain cancer treatments (breast, head and neck cancers) to help move fluid accumulation (edema) and toxin removal.  Used aesthetically to enhance movement of toxins to help regeneration of collagen and re-sculpt the face. 


*Aesthetics Acupuncture visits can be up to 2 hours, depending on the condition of skin and treatment chosen.  Possible treatment(s) can include Skin Rejuvenation Acupuncture (SRA), Cosmetic and Medical Microneedling (MM), PRF (Facial/Hair) Microneedling, Gua Sha, Face Cupping, Photobiomodulation Therapy, etc.  Packages are also available, ask Dr. Cruz  for the best combination for you. Please schedule a 15 minute TeleMedicine free consultation to determine what treatment is best for you. 

*Health Lifestyle Bootcamp is an extensive series of pre-scheduled visits consisting of an initial and follow up intakes and focus on an individualized treatment plan.  The main goal of the Bootcamp is to provide you with the nutrition, lifestyle education you need to allow you to live a healthy lifestyle.  WARNING this is NOT a diet plan, it's a program aimed to provide you with the necessary skills to make your own decisions anytime and all the time on how to handle food choices, sleep, exercise, stress, etc.

Treatment plan includes, but not limited to lifestyle (diet and exercise), lab reviews, nutritional deficiencies review, prescription medication review (referred to your PCP).  

Individualized diets used, help restore optimal functioning, on a cellular level, to the patients’ health.  Diets used: (see description of services for specifics on each plan)

  • Elimination Diet 

  • Cardiometabolic Plan 

  • Core Food Plan 

  • Detox Plan 

  • Low FODMAP Food Plan 

  • Mito Food Plan 

Each of the above plans include a comprehensive guide, a weekly planner with recipes, a lifestyle journal and one-on-one weekly consultation with Dr. Cruz to keep you on track, apply modifications and help you in the emotional aspect of changing lifestyle or food habits.

A total of 6 telehealth visits (1 Initial 90 minute, 1 second visit 60 min and 4 - 30-45 min visits (in office or Telehealth) depending on individual condition.  call for rates


**Health Lifestyle Bootcamp are Telehealth appointments for your convenience and to better accommodate your busy schedule.  If you would rather come to the office in-person instead, please let us know.


*Stand Alone services can be as little as 20 min and up to 60 min, depending on service and if these are combined.  (Cupping, GuaSha, IR sauna, Celluma Light Therapy) 


*Thermography Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI)  (15 min-60 min)  A 20% deposit is required at the time of appointment confirmation.

Initial Visit Breast Thermography (35 min)

Return Visit Breast Thermography (20 min)

Full Body Thermography (60 min)


If you are uninsured or if your insurance does not cover DITI, the United Breast Cancer Foundation will cover all or a portion of the cost. Please apply online at to get up to $150.00 based on financial need.  Patients are encouraged  to fill out a one page application on their website even if you feel you would not receive any funds. Please follow up with them once you are approved and check with them periodically.

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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