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Naturopathic physicians utilize unique hydrotherapy treatments which are very effective against illness. Many hydrotherapy treatments can be used at home to restore health and vitality.

Hydrotherapy is a treatment modality that uses water therapy to move stagnant circulation and lymphatic flow throughout the body.  When the circulation is compromised or stagnant, disease can take hold.  The application of hot water pulls blood into the area under the application bringing in fresh nutrients and immune cells, cold water pushes blood away from the area of application and helps to clear inflammation.  Naturopaths use hydrotherapy to stimulate the vital force of the body thereby stimulating the speed of the healing process of common illnesses such as upper respiratory infections, broken bones and skin ulcers.  The value of water treatments, fasting and rest in treatment for chronic disease is recognized throughout the world. About half a million French citizens and nearly all employed German citizens each year receive insurance reimbursement for medically prescribed spa therapy. 

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